Koma's Commission Page

Hi! I'm Koma. I'm a small artist in a large world and I'm trying my best to live out here. You're in my commissions page! Thanks for coming to check it out.

This is me! Hello!

Right now, I only have emergency commissions open. I'm trying to pay off debts, trying to gather money to buy groceries for my family, and I'm trying to save up to get us all a house.

Your help is very appreciated it you do end up helping me. Thank you so much.🥺

Prices and Stuff

 I can draw Pegasus, Earth and Unicorn OC's with basic clothing or not! I can also do small ref sheets!

Ref Sheets are $30 USD! Simple Doodles range from $10 to $20 USD (with clothing or no clothing).

I can also draw Sonic OC's!! 

Full bodies ranges from $20 to $30 USD, depends on how intricate the detail is!

Contact me on Discord for payment; I take CashApp and PayPal!

My discord is komaedaspades. (Cringey but whatever man I've had this since I was 9 years old)

Please make sure to drop some refs and details and we'll get through the rest. Thanks!